Links to German Militaria References

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-- Links to German Militaria References --

3rd Reich Awards and Medals

3rd Reich Military Badges & Clasps
3rd Reich Party/State Badges
3rd Reich Orders & Medals
German Cross Gallery
Golden Party Badge
Imperial Combat Badges
Imperial Orders & Medals
Iron Cross 1st Gallery
Iron Cross 1st Spanges
Iron Cross 2nd Gallery
Iron Cross 2nd Spanges
Knight's Cross Gallery
Oak Leaves, Swords, & Diamonds
Order of the German Eagle
War Merit Knight's Cross Gallery
Ribbon Bar Chart
Shields/Cuff Titles
Warrant Disc Gallery
Award/Medal Maker Marks

3rd Reich Insignia and Emblems

Belt Buckles
Collar/Shoulder Tabs - Imperial
Collar/Shoulder Tabs - NSDAP
Collar/Shoulder Tabs - SA
Collar/Shoulder Tabs - SS
Collar/Shoulder Tabs - Other NSDAP
Collar/Shoulder Tabs - Military
Collar/Shoulder Tabs - Government
Collar/Shoulder Tabs - Police
Cuff Titles - Non-SS
Cuff Titles - SS
SS Sleeve Diamonds
Foreign Volunteer Arm Shields
Helmet Decals
Military Career/Specialist Patches
Party Proficiency/Specialist Patches
Civil Trade/Specialist Patches
Der Stahlhelm Insignia
Military Services Waffenfarbe
Uniform Eagle Insignia
Visor Cap/Hat Insignia

3rd Reich Manufacturer Codes

Erkennungs Unit Abbreviations
HeeresWaffenAmt Codes
Lieferant & LDO Numbers
Optics Manufacturer Codes
RZM M1 - Insignia & Badge Makers
RZM M2 - Metal Work Suppliers
RZM M3 - Party Emblem Makers
RZM M4 - Buckle Makers
RZM M5 - Uniform Accessories
RZM M7 - Edged Weapons Makers
RZM M9 - Tinnie Makers
RZM M11/12 - NSDAP LS Medals & Minature Makers

3rd Reich Daggers & Swords

Dagger Id Guide
Miniature Dagger Id Guide
Dagger Blade Mottos
Eickhorn "Field Marschall" Swords
Maker/Distributor Marks
Maker Marks - Heer Daggers
Maker Marks - Kriegsmarine Daggers
Maker Marks - Luftwaffe Daggers
Maker Marks - SA Daggers
Maker Marks - SS Daggers
SA/NSKK/SS Group Marks
SA/SS Rohm Dagger Makers
SA Transitional RZM Codes
SS RZM Codes
SS Sportschule Furth Dagger Etch

-- U.S. Militaria --

Air Force Enlisted Chevrons - 1947 to Date
Army Air Force Specialty Patches - 1943 to 1947
Army Branch Colors
Army Enlisted Chevrons - 1821 to Date
Army Enlisted Collar Discs
Army Rank Insignia
Aviator Wings
Coast Guard Enlisted Chevrons - 1871 to Date
Marine Enlisted Chevrons - 1833 to Date
Navy Enlisted Rank/Rates - 1833 to Date
Military Medals
Ribbon Chart

WW1 Division Patches
WW2 Army & Corps Patches
WW2 Command & Services Patches
WW2 Division Patches
WW2 Phantom Division Patches
Korean War Unit Patches
Viet Nam War Unit Patches
Persian Gulf War Unit Patches

-- Small Arms References --

Autoloading Pistols 1892-1909
Beretta Pistols 1915-1945
Colt Auto Pistols 1900-1945
FN (Browning) Pistols 1900-1945
Luger Proof & Acceptance Marks 1898-1945
Lugers - DWM Production & Reworks 1895-1929
Lugers - DWM Military/Contract 1904-29
Lugers - Non-DWM Models & Reworks 1915-1945
Mauser C96 Broomhandles 1896-1937
Nambu Pistols 1902-1945
Walther 1-9, PP, PPK, & P38 1910-1945
Walther PP & PPK Serial Numbers 1929-1945
Walther Sport/Olympia Pistols 1924-1944

WW2 Pistols
WW2 Rifles
WW2 Sub-machine Guns
WW2 (German) Assault Rifles
WW2 Light Machine Guns

-- WW2 Armored Vehicles --

Axis Countries Armored Vehicles of Germany
Armored Vehicles of Hungary
Armored Vehicles of Italy
Armored Vehicles of Japan

Allied Countries Armored Vehicles of France
Armored Vehicles of Great Britain
Armored Vehicles of Poland
Armored Vehicles of the U.S.
Armored Vehicles of the U.S.S.R.