Heer or Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger Pickaxe

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Roughly, 72cm tall lathed hardwood handle ice pickaxe with a tooled steel head and bottom fitting. The roughly 32cm long, horizontal, tooled steel head is secured to the handle by two vertical steel sleeves with dual, flush rivets to each side with the handle being inserted into the center of the head. The tooled steel head has a roughly, 7cm wide, slightly downward curved, axe head to one side and a pointed tip, pick head with a serrated bottom edge to the other side. The bottom edge of the handle is inserted into a tooled steel fitting with an extended pointed tip nail to the bottom edge. The handle has a sliding, circular, steel ring , but the rivetted on woven canvas web wrist retaining loop is missing. The handle has a raised screw near the bottom to prevent the steel ring with the wrist retaining loop from sliding off the end. One side of the head is well marked with the impressed manufacturers logo,  within a round border. Shows the expected age and use.