Luftwaffe P.37 (u) Femaru Holster in Leather. Maker Marked hsy and Luftwaffe Amt

NOK2 200,00 inkl. mva.


Luftwaffe P.37 (u) Femaru Holster in Canvas. Maker Marked hsy and Luftwaffe Amt

This is a truly attractive example of a light-brown-coloured genuine leather-based soft-shell holster maker marked 'hsy' for Franz Cobau, Fabrik für Militär-Austrüstungen, Berlin. and the Luftwaffe Amt mark. The holster is naturally fully serviceable (all leather 'lashes' are original to the piece and are not re-sewn nor replaced or alike). The piece has its full undamaged still white-coloured stitching in place and can be easily graded 'very nice'.  The piece is as stated above still 'completely hardened when handled being a sign that it was not greased nor oiled whatsoever: moreover, has it never been cleaned nor polished and is still a bit dirty and stained as recently found. The inside shows a clearly readable owners name. The Hungarian 'Pistole 37' were mainly used by Luftwaffe crew-members. Simply a great example that will be very hard to be upgraded!