Luftwaffe Stag Gripped Bayonet

NOK3 800,00 inkl. mva.


Luftwaffe Stag Gripped Bayonet

This Luftwaffe stag bayonet has goo plating to the obverse hilt. The reverse shows a little bit of wear to the reverse of the pommel where there original owner probably rested his hand. The morose button and lock work well and there is no felt in the rifle slot.

The genuine grip plates are both beauties having fine colors of light tans varying to darker coffee tones. The grip plates have desirable gold edges and were cut and fit by a master. These plates are retained by nickel rivets having dressed heads on the obverse.

The scabbard is straight throughout. The scabbard retains moust of its original black plaint. 

There is what appears to the the original to the piece brown frog. This frog is a leather one and it remains in nice condition. 

The  blade is a beauty having excellent nickel plated surfaces. The original brown leather buffer is in place.

A very nice bayonet here.