NSDAP Brocade Belt and Buckle

NOK20 000,00 inkl. mva.


NSDAP Brocade Belt and Buckle

Just a magnificent example of this most desirable Political Leader accessory. If you havent personally handled one of these, it will be impossible to do this piece justice with words only. The Brocade Belt, unveiled in 1939, focuses around the belt buckle, slightly smaller than the one that is found on the leather belt. The face of the buckle is remarkably intact showing very little wear, emphasizing its 'was there' status. The detail found in the woven oakleaf pattern will astonish you. The quality is further exemplified when an examination of the reverse reveals a high quality felt material implemented to protect the tunic from the wear of the belt. Still with the RZM tag, this will not disappoint. When handling these, it is easy to understand the high regard that the Political Leaders were held, as no expense was spared in quality or design. A true pleasure to behold. Stunning, original, and rare.

Buckle with correct maker RZM mark of 4/24. RZM tag to belt, size stamped 90 cm. Missing one of the two brocade slides, but this would not distract from display. Priced accordingly, as mint examples when found, are priced many hundreds more.

NSDAP Brocade belt and buckle